Call for Papers: 2021 ILA-ASIL Asia-Pacific Research Forum

Call for Papers



International Law and Post-Pandemic Asia: New Economic Challenges and Opportunities

August 5-6, 2021 (Webinar via Zoom)


Co-organized by the Chinese (Taiwan) Society of International Law – Chinese (Taiwan) Branch of the International Law Association (ILA) and the Centre for Commercial Law in Asia of the Singapore Management University (SMU) Yong Pung How School of Law with the support of the American Society of International Law (ASIL) Asia-Pacific Interest Group and the Sumitomo Foundation of Japan

I. Theme

The co-organizers will hold the ILA-ASIL Asia-Pacific Research Forum on August 5-6, 2021. The theme of the Research Forum is “International Law and Post-Pandemic Asia: New Economic Challenges and Opportunities.” The Research Forum aims to provide a forum for academics, private practitioners, and government attorneys to present works-in-progress across the spectrum of international and transnational law issues related to the Asia-Pacific. The tentative schedule for the Research Forum is as follows:

  • Thursday, August 5, 2021: Opening Ceremony and Forum Sessions
  • Friday, August 6, 2021: Forum Sessions and Closing Ceremony

II. Submission of Paper Proposals

The organizing committee welcomes proposals on the following areas of international and transnational law:

  1. Global health law (e.g., responses to the COVID-19 pandemic such as laws and policies of New Zealand, Singapore, Taiwan and Vietnam; access to vaccines, medical products and technologies; vaccine passports and travel bubble schemes)
  2. International economic law (e.g., the ASEAN Economic Community; the CPTPP and the RCEP; US-China trade conflicts and commercial law; EU FTAs and BITs with Asian countries; the Singapore Convention on Mediation)
  3. International environmental law (e.g., climate change; legal frameworks for nuclear power plants and wind turbines)
  4. Other aspects of Asia’s new legal order (e.g., implementation of UN Sustainable Development Goals, promotion of women’s talents and gender equality; Indo-Pacific policies of ASEAN, Australia, India and Japan)

Paper proposals must be submitted to ila [at] by May 20, 2021. A proposal of no more than 500 words should include the author’s name and full contact information. Please also provide a 1-2 page CV, including a list of recent publications in English.

The organizing committee welcomes proposal submissions from ILA and ASIL members, as well as from non-members. Junior faculty members are particularly welcome. The organizing committee will select proposals and announce the results in June 2021. Paper presenters are required to submit complete, unpublished papers by July 20, 2021. The footnotes should conform to the US Bluebook format.

III. Other Information

Five to ten papers will be selected for publication in the Chinese (Taiwan) Yearbook of International Law and Affairs (Brill | Nijhoff). The Yearbook commenced publication in 1981. Prior distinguished authors include David Caron, Bin Cheng, Hungdah Chiu, Jerome Cohen, and Helmut Tuerk. Articles in the Yearbook will also be made available on BrillOnline, HeinOnline and Westlaw. After the Research Forum, the revised papers will undergo peer review and the editorial board of the Yearbook will make the final publication decision.

Registration details will be announced in July 2021. Inquiries can be directed to the organizing committee (Professors Kai-Chi Chang, Chun-i Chen, Richard Chen, Matthew Erie, Pasha Hsieh, Lau Kwan Ho, Helen Huang, Chieh Lo, Trang (Mae) Nguyen, Pei-Lun Tsai, Blake C. Y. Wang, Sea-Wain Yau, Timothy Webster, and Yip Man) by e-mail at ila [at]

The Chinese (Taiwan) Society of International Law was founded in 1958 with the purpose of promoting research on international law and cross-strait legal issues. As an ILA branch, the Society held the ILA’s 68th Taipei Biennial Conference in 1998, the ILA’s Asia-Pacific Regional Conferences in 1995 and 2011, and the ILA-ASIL Asia-Pacific Research Forums in 2013, 2015, 2017 and 2019.

The Centre for Commercial Law in Asia (CCLA) at the Singapore Management University was established in 2014. CCLA aims to advance commercial growth in Asia marked by sustainability, inclusion and innovation through excellent research. It conducts and facilitates research in all areas of commercial law, with focus on its application, development and impact in Asia.

With the support of regional partners, this Research Forum aims to strengthen the ILA-ASIL collaboration on promoting international law research related to the Asia-Pacific.

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